Ping un-limited number of servers and send FAILED results to your cellphone.
 Ping 10 servers and send FAILED results to your cellphone, email or FAX.
 Ping 1 server and send FAILED results to your cell phone, for a year.
 Easy to use and you are in control of all the options: Ping Interval; # Pings/run; Packet Size; Nusiance Call Limit; Exclude Times; Progress Log; Error Log; cellphone numbers; FAX numbers.
      Uncomplicated, lightweight, single task utility dedicated  24/7  to monitoring your servers for availability.  SMS/text mail your cellphone(s) email and fax when a server goes down. HOW MUCH DOES DOWNTIME COST YOU?
“It is very imortant to me to get fast information.  We run a  farm of ASP servers  we want to know before customers call.  AND, NOT $19.95 per month!”
   Brent L. Manager NC, USA
“PingMyServers is so easy to use.  And, I have total control over the options.  And, I like control.”
  Jackie C Manager NC, USA
“I love  that I can open the progress logs in my spreadsheet or database and see trends."
   Tina B. Manager NM, USA
“I cancelled my monthly service.  I just did not need 90% of the features. Saves me $600/month ”
  J Hunter. Manager South Africa


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